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HOW do I stop an apple going brown? WHERE do sounds belong? WHY can you make water explode? 100 things to DISCOVER about an elastic band . . .

SCIENCE is at the very heart of our children’s rapidly changing industrial and technological world and our objective is to teach science in ways that will encourage and develop children’s natural curiosity in finding out why things happen in the way they do.

We encourage their natural inquisitiveness by giving them a wide range of opportunities to discover, predict, experiment, explore and investigate. Scientific enquiry and investigation lie at the heart of our Science Scheme and we aim to provide an environment in which children’s specific interests, understanding and skills can flourish. 

Children enjoy observing and questioning both their immediate and global environments – our extensive grounds provide excellent opportunities for outdoor experiments and, where the opportunity arises, we extend the children’s experience of Science through off-site visits.

ICT hardware and software resources continue to play a key role in helping all our children to develop confidence in themselves as scientists of the future.


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